This Meta Quest app teaches you self-defense through hand tracking

This Meta Quest app teaches you self-defense through hand tracking

Fight Back teaches you de-escalation and self-defense techniques. The VR app is available for free for Meta Quest 2.

Many hand-tracking applications have emerged in recent years, but this one may save your life.

Fight Back introduces a self-defense system designed by women for women and gender-based violence, but contains useful knowledge regardless of the gender.

"The empowerment-based model of self-defense training includes physical self defense techniques, but also a comprehensive range of tactics including verbal techniques, awareness skills, confidence-building practices, and more," the description says.

Stars vs. Shadows

The VR app has game-like elements and is embedded in a cosmic story where the physical threat appears as a shadow.

"A long time ago, the First Star defeated Darkness. But today, the Shadows have come back and stars have disappeared from the skies once again. As a newborn star, you have to rescue your sisters, and liberate them from darkness. With their help, you’ll reveal your incredible potential and learn the secrets of your constellation."


Players will learn the following, among other things:

  • Avoid danger and de-escalate conflict
  • Increase confidence in participating in social and economic systems
  • Increase self-efficacy in problem-solving
  • Build physical self defense skills
  • Address violence that is most likely to occur in individual settings (e.g., school, home, workplace).

Fight Back is available for free on App Lab

“We wanted to make FIGHT BACK VR accessible to all, with increasing difficulty that will satisfy beginners and experienced gamers alike,” says producer Céline Tricart. "In each level, participants save a star that teaches them a new technique. Once the 'final boss' is defeated, participants discover the true identity of the stars: real female fighters from history."

You can download Fight Back for free from the App Lab. It supports Meta Quest 1 & 2 as well as Meta Quest Pro. Available languages are English, French and Spanish.

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