Field study on VR training in vocational school

Field study on VR training in vocational school

At Voitsberg Vocational School, teachers and students test virtual reality training. A concept with future?

Training in virtual reality not only stimulates motor memory and thus promotes the learning effect, it also promotes safe training for professions that are not entirely risk-free. Dangerous tasks can thus be practiced virtually in advance by beginners and trainees can build up routine.

VR training at Voitsberg vocational school

The Landesberufsschule in Voitsberg, Austria, is testing the Meta Quest 2 VR headset as part of a field study to support apprentice training. For example, a simulation for VR training in electrical and building services enables safe testing of virtual sockets and fuse boxes. Another training course revolves around the painting of motor vehicles.

The research project is about applying new learning methods with a focus on safety in the workplace, because "a lot can happen in the technical field if people are inexperienced," says Michael Neumayr from the communications department of the Styrian Chamber of Commerce's Institute for Economic Development (WIFI).

He emphasizes that virtual reality not only reduces the dangers in training, but at the same time provides creativity and variety in learning, thus increasing learning success. The students are enthusiastic, even if "some training sessions could be even more realistic.


While this form of knowledge transfer cannot replace real work, it also saves costs: VR training is independent of physical locations, prototypes, machines or opening hours.

VR training planned for other industries

"We were invited to this project by the Chamber of Commerce via the Electrical Guild and were very happy to participate because it is an additional chance for the young people and the teachers to get to know this new technology," says the director of the Voitsberg vocational school, Johann Hiden.

WIFI Styria would also like to use the findings from the tests so far for other industries and projects. For example, a virtual model of the human body for prospective masseurs and a program for safe handling of a CNC machine are planned.

Sources: Kleine Zeitung