One of the best roomscale VR games coming to Quest 2

One of the best roomscale VR games coming to Quest 2

In Eye of the Temple, you explore cult sites with all your might. The Indiana Jones-style game is coming out for Quest 2 soon.

Eye of the Temple, an Indiana Jones-style adventure game, was already a real hidden room-scale gem for PC VR headsets. It will soon be available for the Quest 2 and the Quest Pro as well.

In the VR game, you wield a whip single-handedly to flip levers and deactivate rumbling traps in giant temples and torch-lit sites. After the four-to-six-hour campaign, extras like unlockable speedrun challenges and hidden treasures await persistent adventurers.

The gameplay highlight is balancing between the moving platforms with your own legs, completely without teleportation or joystick movement. You move through extensive levels without ever hitting the edge of the playing field. This results in the absolutely fascinating effect of wholly forgetting the physical environment around you.

Quest cult classic in the style of Indiana Jones

On the PC, the cult classic (94% positive Steam ratings) didn't even recoup its development costs. In the summer of 2020, solo developer Rune Skovbo Johansen made the mistake of publishing an early demo long before the release in October 2021.


It generated a lot of praise and some public attention. But, when the full version came out later, the topic was already "cold coffee" again for many, as Johansen also had to admit. In addition, the game requires a playing field of at least six square feet. Not everyone has that kind of space for VR games.

Let's hope that the uniquely immersive experience on the Quest 2 has a second spring and that the release won't be too long in coming. An exact date has not yet been set but the price is listed at $19.99. The VR studio Salmi Games (Sweet Surrender) was involved in the port.

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