EmdoorVR and Ultraleap unveil a new MR headset reference design

EmdoorVR and Ultraleap unveil a new MR headset reference design

Startup EmdoorVR can now produce mixed reality headsets with world-class hand tracking for OEMs.


Chinese company EmdoorVR and Ultraleap have teamed up to develop a reference design for mixed reality headsets that integrates Ultraleap's hand tracking. This eliminates the need for additional sensors beyond traditional tracking cameras for SLAM and controller detection, allowing OEMs to reduce manufacturing costs.

Ultraleap has been working on hand tracking technology for over a decade and is a leading provider of out-of-the-box hand tracking solutions for headset manufacturers.

EmdoorVR is a Shenzhen-based VR headset maker that made headlines with its Apple Vision Pro knockoff. The startup was founded in 2015.


EmdoorVR is the second headset manufacturer after Goertek to develop a reference design with Ultraleap's hand tracking. Goertek's reference design supports Qualcomm's new premium XR chip, the Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2, as well as its lower clocked variant, the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2, which is used in Meta Quest 3. It also supports eye tracking from Tobii.

Unfortunately, the press release does not provide any further technical details about EmdoorVR's reference design, so it is unclear what advantages it offers over Goertek's.


EmdoorVR CEO Richard Shi says of the reference design: “EmdoorVR is excited to partner with Ultraleap on a cutting-edge new reference design for MR headsets that showcases the best solutions that virtual reality has to offer. Headsets will soon need to have hand tracking enabled as a default, and as Ultraleap is the world leader in hand tracking technology, it was crucial to ensure that it was included in our reference design. We look forward to serving more Tier-1 customers together.”

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