This new Meta Quest racing game supports full motion controls

This new Meta Quest racing game supports full motion controls

Downtown Club is an arcade racing game with realistic VR controls coming to Meta Quest this summer.


Downtown Club supports full motion controls, letting you control the steering wheel, shifter, and handbrake with hand motions instead of just analog sticks and buttons.

Three-person studio Commuter Games describes Downtown Club as follows:

Downtown Club is a racing game with full physical controls and exciting driving feedback, built from the ground up for standalone VR. Grab wheel, shifter and handbrake, take full control of your car and become a motorsport champion!

Get behind the wheel of nimble city cars and race against a full grid of fierce opponents, or race against the clock and put your record on top of the worldwide leaderabords. And when it's time to cool down, drive freely around the map at your own pace.

Downtown Club will be released for Meta Quest in June 2024. As it is an Early Access title, the launch will be limited to the App Lab. The price is expected to be $16.



Downtown Club has big plans

According to the official website, Downtown Club will offer four game modes at launch:

  • Events: win thematic competitions to unlock content
  • Custom Race: play with completely personalized settings
  • Time Attack: improve your records and join the online leaderboards
  • Free Drive: take a break and explore the map freely

The website also states that you will be able to choose from three hot hatch cars and explore a rich city environment with highways, tunnels and parkings. There are also different racetrack layout combinations, fully customizable opponents with individual behaviors, different helmets, gloves and suit skins, numerous settings for comfort, gameplay and controls, and compatibility with the Tactsuit haptic vest from bHaptics.

Future plans include online multiplayer racing with public and private rooms, new cars from different categories and environments, time attack ghosts, replays and more.

On Reddit, Commuter Games writes that it is a "classic console racing game with simcade physics" and not a simulator. On Quest 2, it will feature soft shadows, multiple mirrors and real-time reflections on vehicles and run at 72 Hertz.