"Compound" developer is working on a new VR Retro FPS

Compound proved early on that the first-person shooter was a great fit for VR. The developer's new project aims to surpass the first game in every way.

Reminiscent of early first-person shooters like Wolfenstein 3D and Duke Nukem, Compound combines pixel art with modern roguelite game mechanics.

The game was in PC VR development for six years and left Early Access in the summer of 2022. End of last year, solo developer Bevan McKechnie ported Compound to the Meta Quest platform – without no loss in graphics or gameplay.

The FPS is an audiovisual blast and has a flow and speed in its shooter gameplay that is rarely seen in the VR space. With the freedom of movement that Meta Quest 2 offers, it reaches its full potential.

If you are keen to learn more about the game, read my Compound review of the Quest version.

New project offers a "much better" retro look

McKechnie considers Compound to be mostly finished. On Steam, the developer writes that he will occasionally update the game for maintenance if necessary, but no DLC or anything like that is planned. Instead, he has moved on to the next game.

"I'm happy with where the game is now and I think I can contribute the most value into the VR gaming scene with a new game that does things even better than Compound with all the lessons I learnt," McKechnie tells me.

So what's the new VR game about?

"I can't really go into too many details of the next game just yet, other than to say that it should very much appeal to anyone who enjoyed the gameplay and aesthetics of Compound. The graphics especially will be the natural evolution of the retro look of Compound, but much better."


Compound could be coming to Playstation VR 2

McKechnie also reveals that the next title will feature a "hand-crafted single-player campaign." It seems the developer is moving away from the randomized levels of the first game.

Compound was made entirely by McKechnie. Only the brilliant soundtrack was contributed by another artist named Speedblack. Will we have to wait several more years for it to be finished, again?

"I'll be continuing with my solo approach, but if my financial situation allows it I'd love to get some help on board, especially for the creation of the large number of maps I'd like to have," says McKechnie.

Some of that development budget could come from a Compound release for Playstation VR 2. McKechnie won't announce anything of the sort, but tells me that "things are moving in a positive direction on that front."

Compound is available on Steam and on the Meta Quest Store for Meta Quest 1 & 2 and Pro. It costs $20.

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