This Quest 3 game allows you to take a roller coaster ride through your own flat

This Quest 3 game allows you to take a roller coaster ride through your own flat

On Meta Quest 3, you can now race through a digital version of your home on a roller coaster of your own creation. Coastermania makes it possible.

Released in the spring, the game lets you build physics-based miniature roller coasters at will. Once you're happy with your design, you can switch to the cart and start rolling. If you want, you can also share your designs with others.

A mixed reality update for Meta Quest 3 takes the experience to the next level. The new headset uses its built-in depth sensor to create a 3D mesh of your home for Coastermania to access. This way, your furniture and other physical objects become part of the coaster landscape.

When you start rolling, you'll see the shape of your room and get the approximate feeling of racing through space in miniature. It is an experience that reminded my colleague Ben of the 1989 Disney movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Just make sure your roller coaster is flawless, or you might crash into the armrest of your sofa.

The technology can only get better

Unfortunately, Meta Quest 3 only captures the geometry of the room, not its surfaces. As a result, the apartment turns into a green landscape that bears little resemblance to the real environment.

Future mixed reality headsets will be able to create a more accurate digital image of your home, making this fascinating idea much more feasible.

The Mixed Reality update also brings a puzzle mode. In this mode, you'll have to navigate your car through procedurally placed rings in your house and on your furniture. Watch the video above to the end to get an idea of the concept.


Coastermania can be purchased from the App Lab for $10.

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