Meta Quest's best VR travel experience gets new locations & AI assistant

Meta Quest's best VR travel experience gets new locations & AI assistant

Brink Traveler receives seven new destinations, an AI assistant, and the first Meta Quest 3 upgrade in its latest free update.

The app, available for Meta Quest and PC VR-compatible headsets, features some of the highest quality photogrammetry environments of real-world locations that virtual reality has to offer.

Launched in 2021, the VR app is regularly updated and expanded with new destinations and features. It currently offers 28 international natural landmarks. The sites can be visited alone or with other VR users. With intuitive controls and a well-designed user interface, Brink Traveler is the best VR travel app you can buy today.

A unique new AI feature

The fourth major update, released today for free, adds seven new destinations and a remaster of The Wave in Arizona, which adds two new vantage points. Check out the trailer below to see the new destinations.

The VR app is also getting a new, rather unique feature: an AI travel assistant developed in collaboration with Meta and OpenAI. Using a virtual walkie-talkie, you can talk to the voice-enabled AI and ask questions about your current destination. For example, how many meters above sea level you are, or what the special features of your destination are. The AI will answer your questions verbally.


The update also brings an improved tutorial and some of the existing environments have been enhanced with new details and effects. Meta Quest 3 users should also be pleased with a higher frame rate of 90 Hz. Further optimizations for the new headset are in the works.

Brink Traveler is available on the Meta Quest Store for Quest 2, 3, Pro and Oculus Rift (S), as well as on Steam for PC VR headsets for a price of $15. The PC VR version of the update including the AI assistant will be released in the coming month.