Brazen Blaze aims to be the "Super Smash Bros." of VR

Brazen Blaze aims to be the

Brazen Blaze is a 3v3 smack & shoot fighting game inspired by Super Smash Bros.

Brazen Blade is set in an anarcho-capitalist world where international fighting tournaments are held in VR to determine the president of the world. Contestants travel the globe to duel in locations reminiscent of the real world.

The studio describes the game as follows:

"The fighting takes to the streets with multiple unique characters in 3v3 online multiplayer battles in virtual reality. Players will dash, jump, grapple, shoot, and punch their way using enormously powerful gauntlets to force their opponents off the stage and claim victory. Each character has their own special attack that defines breaking the rules."

Brazen Blade is being developed by the Japanese studio MyDearest, known for the Chronos series (Tokyo Chronos, Altdeus: Beyond Chronos, Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate).

Brazen Blade coming in 2024 for PC VR and Quest

The studio is being advised by industry veterans such as systems designer Richard Khoo, who previously worked at Blizzard (Overwatch) and Riot Games (League of Legends), and Brian Alagao, a former producer at Activision and Respawn Entertainment. VR Youtuber Thrillseeker is responsible for VR user experience and quality control.


“[Brazen Blaze is] a fresh take from your standard VR FPS experience. Super fun fast paced close quarter combat coupled with long range weapon attacks. Destructible environments and unique character skills." says Alagao.


Along with the game, the studio also announced a closed PC VR alpha, for which people can sign up on the studio's Discord server until September 24. Invitations will go out at the end of the month.

The finished game is scheduled for release in 2024 for PC VR and Quest headsets. The game already has a page on Steam.

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