Borderlands 3 plays very well in virtual reality

Borderlands 3 plays very well in virtual reality

Borderlands 3 is a prime example of what the universal UEVR mod can do. Assuming you have a powerful PC.


The Flat2VR community wants to bring more attention to outstanding UEVR-powered games and is starting a series of weekly spotlights for outstanding UEVR profiles.

They kick things off with @TimBurton's Borderlands 3 profile, which includes the following features

  • 6DOF VR
  • Motion Controls
  • 1st Person VR Vehicles
  • Full Co-Op Multiplayer Support
  • Playable from start to finish

A video from Youtuber VR Dad shows the UEVR profile in action. The game is said to run "pretty well" and the frame rate only drops in very intense fights with a RTX 4090. The vehicle issue mentioned by the Youtuber has already been fixed.


UEVR: A blessing for PC VR fans

UEVR is an injector that makes almost any UE4 and UE5 flatscreen title playable on VR headsets, including many AAA games.

The universal mod does not include profiles with customizations for individual games. You can create your own profiles or download them from the Flat2VR community's Discord server. An official website and distribution platform for UEVR profiles is still in the works.


Alternatively, there is the UEVR Profiles website, which is not necessarily up to date. It is therefore advisable to look on the Discord server in the "ue-games" channel under "Borderlands 3". There you will also find installation instructions including the latest profile and recommended in-game settings.

For a general introduction to UEVR, VR enthusiast AtomBombBody recently wrote an UEVR guide.

In case you didn't know: There is an official VR version of Borderlands 2 for Playstation VR and Steam, but it does not support multiplayer and has many VR-related issues.