Bootstrap Island launches into early access, watch gameplay here

Bootstrap Island launches into early access, watch gameplay here

Bootstrap Island is now available on Steam and promises a Robin Crusoe adventure with beautiful island scenery and graphics.


Bootstrap Island launched in Early Access on February 22, 2024.

According to the FAQ, all major game systems are integrated, including realistic physics, simulation of fire and water, and various types of interactions such as climbing and swimming.

The game is 20% off for the Early Access launch and currently priced at $20. You can find it on Steam.

The studio has updated the system requirements and published a performance guide.

The VR game is optimized for Meta Quest via Quest Link and Valve Index, but also works with other PC VR headsets. A native Quest version is not planned, as "Bootstrap Island is designed with high fidelity VR in mind, for high performance platforms only".

The system requirements of Bootstrap Island.

The updated system requirements of Bootstrap Island. | Screenshot: MIXED

Development of Bootstrap Island should be completed by 2025. According to the FAQ, new exotic areas, more animals and new story chapters, interaction types and items are planned to be added. The studio also wants to work on balancing and technical aspects.

The studio says that it will listen to feedback from Early Access players. You can get in touch with the developers via Discord.



Video shows 15 minutes of gameplay

Bootstrap Island takes you back to the 17th century. You are the sole survivor of a shipwreck on a deserted island and are forced to learn the craft of survival.

The studio describes the game as a roguelike experience with short but intense rounds. The longer you survive, the more survival resources you unlock in subsequent attempts.

Each playthrough is designed to be unique, with randomized resources and decisions that affect the outcome.

Bootstrap Island also features a realistic physics system and dynamic day/night changes that impact gameplay.

The studio is showing a 15-minute gameplay overview on YouTube (see above). Alternatively, you can watch the Early Access launch trailer.