Bootstrap Island is a VR survival game inspired by Robinson Crusoe

Bootstrap Island is a VR survival game inspired by Robinson Crusoe

Update from September 6th, 2023:

The studio confirms to MIXED that Bootstrap Island is also planned for Playstation VR 2, but only after the end of the Early Access on Steam and the full release, and therefore not before 2025.

Bootstrap Island is an upcoming PC VR game with stunning locations and visuals, natural interactions, and survival elements.

Bootstrap Island is inspired by the famous novel Robinson Crusoe. Sometime in the 17th century, players find themselves shipwrecked on a mysterious tropical island where they must quickly learn to adapt and stay alive by finding food, drink, and weapons, gathering materials to make fire, and surviving visits in the dark nights from ferocious beasts.

"We are designing Bootstrap Island specifically for virtual reality, and focusing on creating immersive gameplay with a compelling narrative. Players will really feel like they have found themselves washed up on the shore of a classic storybook adventure", says Creative Director Rein Zobel of the Tallinn-based VR studio Maru.

Early Access launch is set for 2024

Bootstrap Island combines elements of the survival genre with roguelike elements. The team is focused on creating a natural-feeling VR experience with minimal menus and intuitive controls.

Other key features include:


  • A mysterious and active volcano
  • Encounters with tribal natives
  • Realistic and detailed interactions
  • A dynamic day and night cycle
  • Systems-based gameplay and randomized resources

A lot of attention is paid to the graphics. Bootstrap Island is being developed for PC VR and the visuals show it. The first trailer already makes me want to explore this beautiful location.

The VR game is set to release in Early Access on Steam in the first quarter of 2024. The studio is aiming to finish the game by 2025.

In October, you will be able to try out a demo as part of the Steam Next Fest. If you want to get started right now as a beta tester, you can request a code on the studio's Discord server.

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