Blacktop Hoops launches on Quest, Pico and SteamVR with over 1 million players

Blacktop Hoops launches on Quest, Pico and SteamVR with over 1 million players

The full release of the VR basketball game Blacktop Hoops is out today for Meta Quest, Pico and SteamVR.


Vinci Games describes Blacktop Hoops as follows:

"In Blacktop Hoops, players partake in an epic campaign mode featuring 12 unique streetball legends across four iconic streetball courts in Oakland, Los Angeles, New York and Athens. At the end of their journey to become the GOAT, players have a final showdown against world dunk champion Jordan Kilganon.

For multiplayer fans, players can hit the courts in casual 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3 or 4vs4 matches or climb the rankings in skill-based matchmaking across 9 ranks and 21 divisions. "

The campaign can be played in first person or a new third-person top down mode. There are also eight training modes (Threes, Shooting, Dunking, Stealing, Blocking, Dribbling, Free Play and Tutorial) as well as training matches against AI bots (1vs1 or 2vs2).

A new avatar system offers more than 600 customizations and cosmetic items.


The full version is out today on the Horizon Store for Quest 2, 3 and Pro, the Pico Store for Pico headsets, and on Steam. The price is $30. Blacktop Hoops supports cross-play, so it doesn't matter what VR platform you play on with your friends.


Blacktop Hoops: One of the most popular VR sports games

Blacktop Hoops first launched on the App Lab in 2022 and on Steam in Early Access.

To date, it has received nearly 17,000 ratings on App Lab and, according to Vinci Games, has over 1 million players on both platforms, making it one of the most successful VR games to date.

Vinci Games was founded in 2021 by Nathan Ventura and Maciej Szcześnik. Ventura is an Oculus veteran, while Szcześnik was the lead gameplay designer at CD Projekt Red for the Witcher series. In 2023, the studio received $5.1 million in seed funding.