Bigscreen Beyond VR headset could get an eye tracking add-on

Bigscreen Beyond VR headset could get an eye tracking add-on

The CEO of Bigscreen shows an eye tracking mod for the world's smallest VR headset and openly thinks about bringing it to market.


Bigscreen founder and CEO Darshan Shankar demonstrates an eye-tracking mod for Bigscreen Beyond in a new YouTube video. The hardware modification was created by EyeTrackVR. This group of VR enthusiasts and tinkerers creates open-source DIY instructions for building eye-tracking modules for various VR headsets, including Valve Index.

Shankar has tried out the eye-tracking mod and says it works great in VRChat. Since building such a mod is quite challenging for non-experts, the startup is considering releasing the module as an "easy-to-install kit".

"I would love to support the EyetrackVR team to bring this mod to market and help shrink it down. Make an easy-to-install kit, perhaps with no technical experience required," says Shankar.


Bigscreen Beyond is the smallest and lightest VR headset in the world, with the drawback that it requires a PC and external tracking accessories to run. Another unique feature of the device is that it is customized for each individual: The lens distance is fixed, and the facial interface is made custom-made based on a personal 3D face scan to ensure maximum comfort.


Bigscreen Beyond was first announced nearly a year ago. The first headsets began shipping to US customers in September.

The startup became known for its social VR app Bigscreen, which allows users to watch movies together in virtual living rooms and theaters.


Eye tracking has a huge potential for PC VR, especially in combination with foveated rendering. The question is how easy (or difficult) it will be to implement the appropriate hardware and software in Bigscreen Beyond, and whether the solution will support foveated rendering. I am curious to see what Bigscreen will announce in this direction.