Best-selling SteamVR dungeon-crawler comes to PSVR 2 in February

Best-selling SteamVR dungeon-crawler comes to PSVR 2 in February

Classic co-op roleplaying game Legendary Tales will officially launch on Steam soon and is also coming to PlayStation VR 2.


Fans of dungeon-crawlers and multiplayer RPGs are getting a treat. Popular SteamVR title Legendary Tales will leave early access on February 8 and be available as a full release.

Developer UrbanWolfGames recently shared the news on Steam along with a brief history of development. Legendary Tales came to Steam in September 2021, targeting VR from the beginning.

The PSVR 2 version has been in development since February 2022, with great effort put into allowing cross-platform play. Sony's Playstation blog recently shared more details of exclusive PSVR 2 features like eye-tracking, 4K HDR resolution, dynamic foveated rendering, and headset haptics.

The PSVR 2 version launches on February 8, the same day as the 1.0 release on Steam. UrbanWolfGames posted a launch trailer on YouTube showing the latest updates.


Legendary Tales is a popular SteamVR game that made Steam's best-sellers list in 2022, earning a gold, which is equates to 13th to 24th place. In 2023, Legendary Tales fell to silver in Steam's list of top revenue earners, ranking somewhere between 25th and 50th place. Given the vast number of games in the Steam store, this is still a remarkable success story for a small developer.

With over 1,900 mostly positive reviews, the game has received a mix of praise and criticism recently. The game has only seen small updates since the 2021 release, and some customers have complained about the delay. The new 1.0 update might resolve those concerns.


It sounds like an interesting game with physics-based fighting, a variety of weapons, spells, and crafting to aid in battles and treasure hunting. Check out the video above or see the links below for more details on gameplay and the story.


For Quest 3, Quest 2, and Quest Pro owners, there's no news about a port for the Meta store, but you might want to check out Dungeons of Eternity, a very well-rated co-op dungeon crawler that launched in October 2023 and that's already gotten two content updates.

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