Beat Saber: Studio teases new gameplay feature

Beat Saber: Studio teases new gameplay feature

Beat Saber will soon get a new gameplay feature that brings a new dynamic to the VR game.

It's been a while since Beat Saber got new gameplay elements. In late 2019, Beat Games introduced 90- and 360-degree levels via an update. The basic game mechanics of block-shredding remained untouched.

That could change soon. On Twitter, the Czech studio teased a new gameplay feature without revealing what exactly it is.

Let the lightsaber slide

According to the lead level builder Freeek, this is a new type of note block that only affects new levels. It's likely that you'll have to slide the lightsaber along a given path, which will result in new movement patterns and Beat Saber choreography.

Meanwhile, Beat Games co-founder Ján Ilavský writes on Twitter that he's excited about the things he's working on right now and that he hopes to be able to show them off soon. It shouldn't be long before we get to see them.


Beat Saber 2022: Something is coming

Ilavský could also mean something else. At Connect 2021 Beat Games teased new lightsabers and a leveling system. It looks like there's a lot of news coming to Beat Saber fans this year.

At Meta's XR conference, the studio revealed a new sales record: according to the report, Beat Saber has grossed $100 million on the Quest platform alone. The platform includes Meta Quest 2 and its predecessor. The Quest version of Beat Saber was released in May 2019 at the same time as the mobile VR game console.

Due to the hype around Beat Saber and VR fitness in general, Meta plans to launch a new accessory pack this year. These include adhesive tapes for the touch controllers in case you have sweaty hands, as well as a new face pad that you can wipe sweat off more easily.

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