Beat Saber now supports cross-buy between Quest and Rift platforms

Beat Saber now supports cross-buy between Quest and Rift platforms

Beat Games is discontinuing support for Beat Saber on Quest 1. On the bright side, it finally gets cross-buy support within Meta's VR ecosystem.


Support for the Quest 1 version of Beat Saber will end on November 2, 2024. What does that mean for Quest 1 owners?

  • The game can still be started and played.
  • The multiplayer mode will no longer work and the leaderboards may be phased out in the future.
  • No more updates or DLC will be released.
  • Beat Games will no longer provide customer support.

The good news is that Beat Saber now supports cross-buy between the Quest and Rift platforms. This means that if you buy the Quest version, you will also get the Rift version and vice versa. Previously, these versions were sold separately. Cross-buy does not apply to the Steam or Playstation Store versions of Beat Saber.

If you have a computer, you can play the still supported and updated Rift version of Beat Saber on a PC via Meta Quest Link. Your purchased DLCs will be transferred as well.


A big advantage of the PC VR version is the wide support of unofficial mods and custom songs via Mod Assistant. A guide to PC VR modding can be found on the BSGM Wiki.


Quest 1 is at the end of its life cycle

The reason given by Beat Games for discontinuing Quest 1 support is "to focus our development efforts on our next projects within Beat Saber". The aim is "to raise the bar of what's possible" (from the official FAQ). Quest 1 uses a smartphone chipset from 2017, and the headset itself has not been sold since October 2020.

Meta announced the end of Quest 1 support in early 2023. Social features were already turned off during the year, and no new features have been released for Quest 1 since system update v50. The Oculus SDK dropped Quest 1 support in v51.

Since then, a number of studios have dropped Quest 1 support for their VR games. As a result, some titles are no longer playable on Quest 1. Since May of this year, new Quest 1 apps can no longer release in the Horizon Store and App Lab. The system will get critical bug fixes and security patches until August 2024.