Battle Talent features swordplay similar to Blade and Sorcery

Battle Talent features swordplay similar to Blade and Sorcery

VR game Battle Talent promises challenging hand-to-hand combat with physically correct blows. Is competition approaching for Blade & Sorcery?

After three years in development, VR action game Battle Talent nears completion for Quest and PC VR. Gameplay looks reminiscent of the physically correct skirmishes in cult VR game Blade & Sorcery. The game places players in the middle of fast, challenging, and varied battles in temples full of crackling torches.

Instead of predictable AI bots, flexible opponents supposedly put players under pressure with coherent fight sequences. Developer Cydream promises a rich combo system, defensive techniques, throws, magic, ranged weapons, and detachable limbs. Climbing, fast sprints, "ground slides", and wall runs integrate speed and environmental gameplay.

Challenging melee combat for Quest and SteamVR

Typical fantasy opponents such as gladiators, dark elves, skeleton guards, and orcs await in the Roguelite single-player campaign. The unlockable arsenal of weapons doesn't only offer metal swords and glowing magic abilities like lightning or freezing. More modern influences are also represented, including glowing robot hands and a circular saw.

Bows and arrows complement a melee focus. Those who want to train outside of the campaign have the opportunity to do so in the already available free sandbox mode. The game supports mods for weapons, magic, and enemy design.


Fast punch sequences in Battle Talent should make you sweat under your headset. The studio strongly advises players to check the playing field for obstacles before starting to avoid"tragedies" involving other people or objects.

The full version of Battle Talent will be released on June 1, 2023, for Meta Quest and Steam for $20. The Meta version supports the old Quest, the Quest 2, and the Quest Pro. Impatient players can already plunge into the limited Early Access version for free. It is available on Steam and in Meta's experimental App Lab store.

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