Atlas Mystery: VR escape room in an old haunted cinema

Atlas Mystery: VR escape room in an old haunted cinema

Atlas Mystery is a new Escape Room game for Quest 2 and PC VR glasses, where you'll investigate supernatural phenomena.

Atlas Mystery is set in the infamous Atlas Theater, a fictional Hollywood movie palace from the 1940s. You take on the role of a newly hired manager who must spruce up the aged establishment for a reopening.

In the process, you discover that the cinema has been the scene of a horrific crime. To uncover the truth behind the theatre's dark history, you'll have to explore the cinema's winding halls and rooms, solve puzzles, find mysterious artifacts, and avoid the ghosts that haunt the place.

Inspired by classic cinema technology

The Atlas Mystery combines challenging escape-room-style puzzles with a compelling story "full of shocking twists and harrowing revelations," writes the studio responsible.

The environments and puzzles are inspired by the classic cinema era: Each room is an escape room and the puzzles are based on old movie and projection technologies. Among other things, you'll have to assemble old projectors and glue together film strips to unravel the mysteries of this place.


For Quest 2 and PC VR glasses.

"We put a lot of care and detail into the environments to really immerse ourselves in the luxurious architecture of the time. As huge fans of classic cinema, it was a blast for us to create an extravagant movie palace full of movie posters, era-specific packaging, and old exhibition technology," it says on Reddit.

The Atlas Mystery is developed by the escape room specialists who created Belko VR and Pipe Dreamin VR. The VR game will be released in March 2022 for Meta Quest 2 and PC VR glasses on Steam. You can already add the title to your wishlist there.

The announcement trailer shows some gameplay and the environments you'll explore in the VR game. More info is expected to follow soon.