Quest 3 texture pack for Asgard's Wrath 2 will take longer, may exceed 10 GB

Quest 3 texture pack for Asgard's Wrath 2 will take longer, may exceed 10 GB

The high resolution texture pack for the Quest 3 version of Asgard's Wrath 2 is taking longer than expected and will be optional due to its enormous size.

On Tuesday, Sanzaru Games released a new patch for Asgard's Wrath 2 with the version number 3.0.1481276. It brings three new Loki anomalies as well as numerous improvements and bug fixes. The full patch notes can be found below.

The studio notes that it is still working on support for multiple saves as well as the high-res texture pack for Quest 3, with the former coming first. The team has to go through the entire game and make sure the performance holds up, and that takes "a good chunk of time."

On Reddit, Executive Producer at Oculus Studios Mike Doran writes that it could take more than 33 days for the texture pack to be released. However, support for multiple save slot is said to be close.

When asked about the size of the texture pack, Doran wrote: "I don’t have a final ballpark yet but it will be significant. That’s why we’re making it optional. Over 10GB wouldn’t surprise me."

If this is indeed the case, Asgard's Wrath 2 would take up at least 40GB on Quest 3, almost half of the 128GB entry-level model, as the system software alone takes up more than 25GB. This would make Asgard's Wrath 2 one of the most storage-hungry Quest titles, along with Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond (41GB), Grid Legends (29GB) and Arizona Sunshine 2 (23GB with recently improved textures).

Sanzaru Games delivers Quest 3 optimizations

Asgard's Wrath 2 was released exclusively for Meta Quest on December 15, 2023. Although the title is included with every Quest 3 (offer valid until March 30, 2024), it was primarily developed and optimized for Quest 2.

Shortly before Christmas, the first major patch was released, giving the Quest 3 version a 30 percent higher resolution, a frame rate of 90 instead of 72 hertz, and improved LOD rendering. The improvements are optional and can be turned off.


A second patch was released at the end of January that improved the audio quality on Quest 3, added a new cosmic event, and included numerous improvements, performance enhancements, and bug fixes.

Below you will find the complete release notes for the current patch 3.0.1481276.

- Added three new Loki anomalies.
- Fixed Cosmic Events progression and objective tracking issues.
- Duplicate/unused codex entries have been removed from Bestiary.
- Fixed an exploit that allowed players to bypass thin walls in some cases.
- Fixed respawn loop in some rare cases when riding mounts over hazards.
- Pressing pause while a Cosmic Event notification is showing now opens the Cosmic Event menu.
- Players can no longer grapple items they are holding.
- Additional progression fixes for Tannu's Belly.

- Fixed bug where player could get stuck in MR anomalies.
- Fixed issues with floating wildlife.
- Fixed a bug where enemies could spawn in without visible weak points when using the Bow.
- Fixed issues where the player gets stuck and unable to dismount Bruiser.
- Fixed Hidden Folk respawning behavior.
- Updated Pa’ahket’s mounted behavior to prevent swapping from Mortal to God form while mounted.
- Fixed Cosmic Events rewards showing potential rewards for completed quests.
- Fixed a bug where Bestial Blade could push enemies around as it moves.
- Fixed Cosmic Event objective locking/unlocking.
- Fixed incorrect collision observed blocking the entrance towards Monster Den 'Infested Temple Overflow' near 'Temple of Osiris’.
- Fixed issue where enemies could spawn in terrain in Uncharted Rift’s Nest levels.
- Fixed several instances of incorrect collision observed in the Drekahraun Lava Fields.

- Fixed issue where God Puzzle's Statue is rotated towards the wall when reloading the level during the puzzle's vase phase in the 'Tomb of the Scribe'.
- Fixed issue where rarely, some objectives of "[S2M03] Elegy for the Fallen King" may fail to progress when completing the required steps.
- Fixed issue where Mereret will rarely spawn in invisible and become locked after being transformed to cross the Flooded Canal, blocking progression.
- Fixed issue where the player would become soft locked when fast traveling back to the 'Astrolabe Core' travel stone after recruiting Thoth in the Saga 3 Quest: 'The Way Forward'.
- Fixed issue where Travel Stone percentage does not reach 100% after discovering all Travel Stones in 'Tomb of the Scribe'.
- Fixed progression blocker when player is able to exit the elevator in Temple of Shu early onto a higher floor skipping a portion of the area during S2M11 'Son of the Ennead'.
- Fixed progression blocker by missing grab points when reloading after retrieving ‘Surtur's Bow’ in the Blistering Vents.
- Fixed progression blocker where the objective related to 'Collecting the Tools to Help Abraxas Scale the Waterfall' can be completed before freeing the 'Godly Chisel' breaking the logic.
- Fixed issue where some objectives of the Saga 2 quest, ‘Elegy for the Fallen King’, may fail to progress when completing the required steps.
- Fixed issue where Divine Artifacts fail to be collected if the player immediately lets go upon grabbing one throughout the title.
- Fixed issue where player was able to fast travel to ‘Temple of Atum’ during the fast travel tutorial, which potentially broke progression.
- Fixed progression blocker caused by reloading after retrieving ‘Sutur’s Bow’.
- Fixed issue where players could forward dismount through The Shallows exit cave, breaking 'The Cursed One' Main Quest's logic and blocking progression.
- Fixed issue where it's impossible to access the Corpse Eater Feather Tip loot after defeating the Corpse Eater.
- Fixed issue where Monster Den percentage fails to reach 100% when all of them have been found and completed in the 'Papyrus Swamp’.

- Various minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

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