Arizona Sunshine 2 receives Quest 3 update and many improvements

Arizona Sunshine 2 receives Quest 3 update and many improvements

The new patch for Arizona Sunshine 2 enhances the game visually on Meta Quest 3 and improves it across all platforms.


Patch 1.2 has been released, bringing a number of graphical improvements to Quest 3, such as upgraded textures, reworked particle effects and a fuzzy fur for your canine companion, Buddy.

Below are the improvements in detail, as described by Vertigo Games:

  • Massively improved the zombie visuals, adding both higher quality models & shading.
  • Added 4K textures & improved shading to Buddy, weapons, and player hands!
  • Improved the quality of the most prominent VFX, such as blood and impact particles.
  • Increased the render scale compared to Quest 2, natively running the game at a higher resolution.
  • Added full fur support for Buddy, now making him even more of a fuzzy friend.

The game now takes up nearly 23 gigabytes of space on your Quest 3, which is twice as much as before, making Arizona Sunshine 2 one of the most storage-hungry Quest games. So make sure you have enough free space before you update the game.

Even those who don't own Quest 3 will benefit from the new patch, which brings quality-of-life features and a host of bug fixes for all versions. For example, you can now bring more than two grenades into battle with Buddy's help, reload more easily (as in the first Arizona Sunshine by bringing the weapon to your belt), and better calibrate the ammo belt and holsters.


Take a look at the full patch log on the Quest Store or Steam.


I installed patch 1.2 and took a look at the improved version of Quest 3. The visual difference is subtle compared to the older version: overall the textures are sharper, which is especially noticeable on close objects like hands and weapons. Buddy's more realistic fur is also only noticeable when the dog is very close to you, but it makes petting him more enjoyable.

If you're familiar with the old Quest 3 version, don't expect a night and day difference. That said, Arizona Sunshine 2 is one of the best-looking games you can play on Quest 3, and it looks even better now.