Arcade fans will love it: Unique controller for Meta Quest 3 unveiled

Arcade fans will love it: Unique controller for Meta Quest 3 unveiled

A new pinball controller for Meta Quest 3 promises an immersive pinball experience in Virtual Reality.


A new pinball controller for Meta Quest 3 has appeared on Reddit. The controller is shaped like the end of a pinball table and promises a more immersive experience when playing pinball games in VR.

The manufacturer, GibsonPinball, uses a special force feedback feature to simulate the feel of real pinball machines. The controller can be connected to the Meta Quest 3 in two ways: via the PC when streaming SteamVR PC games to the VR headset, or directly via the Quest's USB-C port for native Quest games or SideQuest apps.

In a video, manufacturer GibsonPinball demonstrates the controller using four different VR pinball games, three on the PC and one natively on the Quest 3.


Pinball controller: Funding via Kickstarter planned

The manufacturer emphasizes that the controller is plug and play and works with all popular pinball games. This means you can enjoy different virtual pinball tables in the comfort of your own home.

The controller is not yet available and there is no information about price or release date. The PinStation, developed in the Netherlands, will be financed via crowdfunding. A Kickstarter campaign is planned for later this year.



Pinball VR with dedicated controller — immersive experience or unnecessary gimmick?

The concept of a controller designed specifically for VR pinball sounds interesting. If VR has taught us anything, it's that haptic feedback or realistic controls can significantly improve immersion — see my review of the VR putter for Walkabout Mini Golf. The special force feedback that simulates the different feel of the flipper, bumper, and plunger sounds particularly exciting. If it works as promised, it should please pinball fans.

The PinStation also looks well-designed: it is compact enough to fit on a table, but offers enough space for comfortable operation. Anyone who has a real pinball machine at home knows how much space arcade machines take up. The various connection options to PCs or directly to the Quest are also a plus.

However, you also have to keep an eye on the price. An expensive controller for a niche genre is difficult to justify for casual gamers. I also wonder how many good VR pinball games there really are and will be. For true enthusiasts, however, the PinStation controller could be just the thing to experience the authentic pinball feeling at home or in VR.

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