AR platform Dynamics 365 Guides gets new features

AR platform Dynamics 365 Guides gets new features

Microsoft enhanced the Dynamics 365 Guides AR platform with various functions. Improvements include the creation of notes and video calls.

With its Dynamics 365 Guides platform, Microsoft offers an AR solution for making core functions more efficient on Hololens and Hololens 2. This now includes connected holographic guides and virtually sharing environments from a headset to a video call.

New features for better workflows

Microsoft announced significant enhancements to Dynamics 365 Guides. For example, the ability of a Hololens wearer to share their view with a desktop user and the ability of the desktop user to place notes in that environment. Both users place notes in the environment where they remain visible to all users.

Microsoft also considered Teams' preferences for joining a call via Hololens. Users now join with or without video and audio. Additionally, links in Dynamics 365 training and instructional materials to other guides can be added. This should allow for better workflows and quicker switching between 3D guides.


Microsoft announces additional enhancements to Dynamics 365 Guides

According to Microsoft, additional updates to Dynamics 365 Guides are on the way. This reinforces confidence in Microsoft's continued support of the Hololens 2. This was in question, as Microsoft laid off staff in its AR division and scaled back work on a Hololens headset for military use.

Sources: Microsoft