Apply now: Qualcomm & hubraum launch new AR developer program

Apply now: Qualcomm & hubraum launch new AR developer program

Two XR pioneers — Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Deutsche Telekom — are joining forces. Their program will lay the foundation for groundbreaking augmented reality ideas. Applications are open until March 30.

Participants will get to join a truly global program, with partner companies based on both sides of the Atlantic. They will receive access to all the hardware, software and technological and business expertise required to create a truly innovative new AR app. They will also receive the networking opportunities of their lives! (If we say so ourselves)

With Snapdragon Spaces and 5G to groundbreaking AR apps

Qualcomm Technologies is one of the world’s leading XR companies and is currently expanding its presence in Europe. Snapdragon Spaces is their development platform for head-worn AR and MR.

The U.S. chip giant's development kit will offer numerous key features such as spatial, hand and finger tracking, object recognition, as well as 3D-scanning of entire rooms. Thanks to Snapdragon Spaces, developers can anchor digital objects in a realistic and permanent way in real space via AR.

Snapdragon Spaces is compatible with selected Android smartphones and AR glasses. As AR glasses, developers get the brand new A3 from Lenovo. For example, it can replace real monitors with up to five virtual monitors for the digital office of the future. The slim device also offers room tracking via two integrated cameras for true mixed reality experiences. The Lenovo glasses weigh only about 130 grams and are powered by a mighty Qualcomm XR-1 processor.

Snapdragon Spaces Program: Deutsche Telekom’s hubraum and Qualcomm join forces

Together with hubraum, Deutsche Telekom’s tech incubator, Qualcomm is now launching the "Snapdragon Spaces Program": The program is looking for developers, creatives and start-ups who use the Snapdragon Spaces platform to develop helpful or entertaining augmented reality apps for AR glasses and Android smartphones. We’re seeking app ideas in a range of sectors: gaming, entertainment, communications, business, medical, fitness and more.


From gaming to education to fitness - developers can submit many different app ideas in the Snapdragon Spaces program. | Image: hubraum

When does the Snapdragon Spaces Program start?

Applications for the Snapdragon Spaces Program are open now up until (and including) March 30.

Why should I participate in the Snapdragon Spaces Program?

  • hubraum and Qualcomm Technologies will offer teams high-quality AR glasses, a fast smartphone, and free access to Deutsche Telekom's 5G infrastructure as well as Snapdragon Spaces.
  • The program will also give participants the opportunity to network with decision-makers at Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile US and Qualcomm, who will offer participating teams advice and support, both in terms of business matters and the technological aspects of developing an app.
  • For the best ideas and apps which emerge from the program, hubraum may potentially offer funding as part of the hubraum fund.

How can I participate in the Snapdragon Spaces Program?

Head to our landing page for the program, click on "Apply now" and fill out the form.  Please prepare a short presentation / pitch deck where you present your app idea.

You should also outline the role Augmented Reality plays — namely, why Augmented Reality makes your idea better or even possible at all. Please feel free to describe if and how 5G plays a role.

Good luck!