Apple’s XR headset shown at secret meeting to Top 100

Apple’s XR headset shown at secret meeting to Top 100

A new report claims Apple has demonstrated its XR headset to the Top 100, an elite group of its highest-ranking executives, as the Apple Reality headset launch approaches.

According to one of the most accurate sources of Apple product news, the iPhone maker is in the final stages of review before launching its first mixed-reality headset. A critical milestone is a secret meeting where important products undergo scrutiny by Apple’s most valued senior staff.

"The demonstrations were polished, glitzy and exciting, but many executives are clear-eyed about Apple’s challenges pushing into this new market," Bloomberg's Mark Gurman writes.

He shared this news in his weekly PowerOn newsletter, confirming that the Reality Pro or Reality One was on track to be announced publicly in June at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

Gurman also reiterated some concerns about the success of this new product category for Apple. At an estimated cost of $3,000, the high-performance Reality headset will be out of reach for most consumers.


It might suffer from many of the same problems as the latest VR headsets. The battery life might be just two hours, a familiar but unwelcome limitation for such an expensive device. Gurman also added that some Apple testers found the XR headset to be uncomfortable.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been adamant that extended reality will be one of the most important technologies for the future and is reportedly pushing the Reality headset through, despite some hesitancy within Apple.

Sources: Bloomberg