Apples mixed reality glasses - next step to launch

Apples mixed reality glasses - next step to launch

Apple is occupying another important role on the road to the possible launch of new mixed reality glasses next year.

According to Bloomberg's Apple reporter Mark Gurman, Apple has hired Meta's PR manager Andrea Schubert. Schubert was responsible for communications on augmented reality, research and XR at Meta's Reality Labs for the past six years or so.

Apple snatches up experienced XR communicator

She also oversaw Oculus product communications and was involved in all product launches from Oculus Rift to Quest 2. Schubert says she was responsible for Oculus' launch communications strategies, review programs, and the strategies behind events like Meta's developer conferences Meta Connect and F8. She was also head of communications for Gear VR, specifically responsible for non-gaming content.

According to Gurman, Schubert is also expected to handle augmented reality communications at Apple. Since Apple is already on the move with smartphone AR, this doesn't necessarily suggest the launch of tech glasses. But it does fuel existing rumors that Apple Glasses could launch in 2022. Gurman reconfirms what he sees as a likely 2022 launch in his latest newsletter.

Apple tech glasses: preparing for market launch

In any case, with Schubert, Apple has an experienced communicator at the start, who, in addition to many contacts, also brings detailed knowledge of the communication on XR products. This is in many respects more complex than with existing tech products: The effects and benefits of the technology require more explanation. Especially for those people who have not yet been able to test them, the advantages are not obvious at first glance.


Since the glasses cover the face, they are also more conspicuous, and people are pushed into the background by comparison - that's not really Apple's style. Schubert has to find a solution here, too. In addition, there is a high level of technical complexity around functions such as tracking or spatial measurement, which Apple has to bring to the public in a simple and understandable way.

Schubert's years of experience interacting with the various VR and AR audiences should prove to be a great asset for Apple and flatten out the learning curve.

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