Apple Water, Mini VR Headset, & the End of the Night

Apple Water, Mini VR Headset, & the End of the Night

Apple's VR headset is coming - but will it really be a game changer? Also this week: A look inside the world's smallest VR headset.

Apple only cooking with water, but its XR headset "is excellent"

After Oculus founder Palmer Luckey praised Apple's upcoming XR headset as well as the Quest 3, things are starting to heat up: In a few days, the fabled VR headset from Apple will be unveiled at WWDC 2023. But even Apple is only cooking with water.

The world's smallest VR headset does not come from Samsung

Bigscreen Beyond is the hummingbird of VR headsets: a custom-built PC VR headset that weighs only about 180 grams. A first look shows that weight isn't everyting. But what is inside the tiny VR device?

And will Samsung really release a new VR headset this year? After all, the tech giant has new displays up its sleeve.

VR gaming heaven

Red Matter 2 presents itself as a showcase title on the Playstation VR 2. The graphics set new standards, just like it did with the Quest 2 version. Meanwhile, a Tomb Rider-Indiana Jones mix is driving all the hobbyist Lara Crofts crazy.

A great VR film

It is so important that we show our children which mistakes should never be made again, and which achievements are absolutely worth fighting and standing up for. Virtual reality is an excellent way to allow young and old people alike to relive significant events or empathize with experiences.


"End of Night" is an outstanding 50-minute VR film about a young man's escape from the Nazis. Inspired by a true story, the film uses photogrammetry and a documentary black-and-white style to tell the story in a powerful way.

Do you only want AI content now?

Since ChatGPT, several bubbles are convinced: AI changes everything. But the chief engineer of Google Search doesn't believe that people only want AI content. Meanwhile, Apple has banned the use of ChatGPT and Copilot internally.

Read more AI news at THE DECODER.

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