Apple Vision Pro: visionOS 2 will bring these new features

Apple Vision Pro: visionOS 2 will bring these new features

At WWDC 2024, Apple announced visionOS 2 for Apple Vision Pro. Here's what the first major update to the spatial operating system will bring.

At WWDC 2024, Apple previewed new features and enhancements coming in visionOS 2.

These include:

  • Converting 'flat' photos from the Photos app into spatial photos using machine learning.
  • SharePlay support will be added to the Photos app, so Vision Pro users can view traditional photos, panoramas and spatial videos together as spatial personas.
  • The Mac Virtual Display will be improved. The feature will get a higher resolution and larger formats, including an ultra-wide curved display option the equivalent of two 4K displays side-by-side.
  • Added support for Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard will be visible in fully immersive environments.
  • Customizable Home View: Apps can now be arranged in any order.
  • Support for AirPlay, so you can stream content from other devices such as iPhone, Mac or iPad to the Vision Pro.
  • Travel mode will support train travel in addition to air travel.
  • New hand gestures that make navigation easier (launch Home View and Control Centre) and display important information (time, battery level, etc.).
  • Systemwide live captions for spoken dialogue in live conversations and in audio from apps.
  • An improved guest mode

According to Apple, there are now more than 2,000 native apps for Vision Pro and 1.5 million compatible iOS and iPad apps. At WWDC, the company unveiled new APIs and frameworks designed to accelerate and extend app development for Vision Pro:


  • Volumetric APIs will allow multiple complex 3D apps to run and be used simultaneously.
  • TabletopKit will enable the creation of spatial apps that can be anchored to tables and other flat surfaces and shared with spatial personas.
  • Enterprise APIs will enable new use cases for enterprise applications.

VisionOS 2 will be released as a free update in fall 2024. Watch the video below for the Vision Pro portion of the keynote.

Apple Vision Pro will be available in mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore on 28 June and in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the UK on 12 July.