Apple Vision Pro: Unity launches beta program for visionOS

Apple Vision Pro: Unity launches beta program for visionOS

Unity has announced the launch of a beta program for visionOS. This means that apps can now be developed for Vision Pro.

With the announced beta program, developers will gain access to Unity PolySpatial and can now create content for visionOS in the Unity editor that takes advantage of all the key features of Apple Vision Pro.

Unity, the most widely used development platform for mobile VR applications, recently announced that it is gearing up for Mixed Reality and Meta Quest 3. On the company blog, Unity introduced new developer tools for Quest headsets. Now, a new beta program with access to Unity PolySpatial should make it also easier to develop for the Apple Vision Pro.

Registration now open

Unity's new PolySpatial technology is used with Apple's RealityKit application rendering. This will provide a consistent look and feel for content created in Unity. New authoring workflows are also expected to make it easier to seamlessly connect digital content to the physical world.


Developers can optimize their applications for passthrough or dynamic foveated rendering. At the same time, Unity provides tools to intuitively implement the hand and eye controls of Apple Vision Pro. Popular Unity features like AR Foundation and XR Interaction Toolkit are also on board. You can now register for the beta program on the Unity website and will be notified by email as soon as they are unlocked.

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