Vision Pro: Here's What Apple Will Show Customers at Its Retail Stores

Vision Pro: Here's What Apple Will Show Customers at Its Retail Stores

On February 2, Apple will begin offering personalized demos of Vision Pro at Apple Retail Stores. Here's what you'll see.


Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman explains in his latest newsletter how Apple's public Vision Pro demos will work. Vision Pro is a complex and unfamiliar product to most consumers, and Apple wants to leave nothing to chance, Gurman writes. He describes the demo as "the most sophisticated sales pitch ever".

The demo begins with a facial scan to determine the right light seal, foam cushion and headband size for the individual. There are more than 25 shapes and sizes of the light seals alone, according to Gurman. If a person is wearing glasses, their prescription for the appropriate lens inserts will be determined. The Apple Store employee will then explain how the eye and hand tracking interface works and how to switch between virtual and augmented reality using the Digital Crown.

Calibrating the eye and hand tracking is also part of the introduction. Only then does the actual demo begin, which lasts 20 to 25 minutes and includes the following, according to Gurman:

  • Users will be directed to the photos app to view still images that are similar to the ones preloaded on Apple’s other devices in retail stores. That’s followed by examples of panorama shots.
  • Then the demo starts to get more interesting. The customer sees 3D images that Apple calls spatial photos (in this case, of a kid hitting a piñata) and a spatial video (footage of a birthday party).
  • The next part of the demo shows how to use the device as a computer or iPad replacement. It explains how to position multiple app windows in space and scroll through webpages in the Safari browser.
  • Customers are then shown 3D and immersive movies, including clips of wild animals, the ocean and sports. There is also a compelling scene that makes users feel as if they’re on a tightrope.

The devices will also come preloaded with various third-party apps that will launch with Vision Pro.



Vision Pro will be released in the U.S. on February 2, 2024. According to reports, Apple will have less than 100,000 units available at launch and will not be able to produce more than 500,000 units by the end of the year.

VR headsets are new to most consumers and are a product that requires explanation and customization. This explains the long and elaborate demo of the product, which is unprecedented for Apple in this form.

Sources: Bloomberg