Apple Vision Pro is getting two VR hits from a Google studio

Apple Vision Pro is getting two VR hits from a Google studio

The Vision Pro gets new VR games: Owlchemy Labs is bringing its successful VR titles Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator to Apple's platform.


Owlchemy Labs has announced the release of two of its most popular VR games for Apple's Vision Pro: Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator. There is no exact release date yet. The studio only mentions "coming soon". Job Simulator will cost $19.99, while its successor Vacation Simulator will cost $29.99.

Both games will come with all previously released updates. The Infinite Overtime update for Job Simulator allows for endless night shifts with an infinite number of tasks for each job. Vacation Simulator includes the Back to Job expansion, which sees you taking care of holiday robots in the Poolside Cabana on Vacation Island.


Owlchemy Labs relies on hand tracking

Job Simulator is a VR classic that was released in 2016. In a world where all the work is done by robots, people occasionally indulge in a nostalgic trip to an office of yesteryear and simulate a working day.



Vacation Simulator takes you to Vacation Island, where the robots are on holiday, and you have to make sure the day runs smoothly. Both games should be perfect for Vision Pro's hand tracking due to their intuitive controls. Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator have each sold over a million copies, making them a huge commercial success for Owlchemy Labs.

In its games, the studio, which was acquired by Google in 2017, constantly tries to translate the interactivity of VR into humorous games of skill in the most innovative way possible. Owlchemy Labs focused on hand tracking early on, seeing using your own body as a controller as an easier way to access VR, making games more intuitive. With Cosmonious High, Owlchemy Labs finally released a VR game in 2022 that relies entirely on hand tracking.

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