Apple Vision Pro breaks 90 hertz refresh, but only when you do this

Apple Vision Pro breaks 90 hertz refresh, but only when you do this

Apple explains the refresh rate of the Vision Pro. The mixed reality headset usually runs at 90 hertz, but it can go faster.

In an early video tutorial for interested developers, Apple also addresses the refresh rate of the Apple Vision Pro. In it, the company confirms a refresh rate of 90 hertz for most content.

An exception is the playback of 2D movies, which were produced for playback at 24 frames per second. Apple increases the refresh rate to 96 hertz so that users get a clean picture impression without short "hangs" or "jerks". This is four times the frequency films will retain their cinematic look.

Apple Vision Pro shows movies at 96 hertz

As is well known, there were and are also efforts to establish higher frame rates in the movie industry. However, the crisp, realistic look often reminded the audience more of a video and TV instead of the dream-like appearance of the cinema experience.

For the time being, it is unclear whether developers have to pay attention to specifics in order to achieve the appropriate frame rate for the virtual cinema mode or other applications.


The Apple Vision Pro's two micro-OLED displays offer more than 4K resolution per eye, for a total of 23 million pixels (about 3.3 times more than the Quest 2). Together with special catadioptric lenses, they are said to produce excellent image sharpness. The screens support high dynamic range, but the field of view is not yet known.

The video tutorial explains how developers can prepare video content for Apple's new visionOS operating system via "HTTP Live Streaming" (HLS). It gives tips for streaming spatial media and adapting workflows for 3D subtitle production. In addition, it explains how to share audio tracks across different video variants and how to add spatial audio.

Sources: Apple