Apple glasses: Not at WWDC, but a preview might be coming

Apple glasses: Not at WWDC, but a preview might be coming

For more than six years, there have been more or less solid rumors about tech glasses from Apple. But they have never been as concrete as in the last few months.

Will the never-ending story about Apple's tech glasses finally come to a worthy conclusion in the next few months - and thus also be the beginning of a new era? Apple journalist Mark Gurman continues to believe so.

No Apple glasses at WWDC 2022

However, Gurman reconfirms in his latest newsletter that there are no plans to unveil the hardware at Apple's WWDC 2022 developer conference in June. Gurman refers to sources familiar with the project.

Apple is said to have originally scheduled the important conference as the unveiling date for the tech glasses, according to Gurman, but pushed it back to late this year or early next year due to technical issues. Gurman expects the sales launch to happen around the same time.

Software before hardware

Nevertheless, there could be more news about Apple's XR plans in the near future, according to Gurman: The upcoming beta version of iOS 16, codenamed Sydney, is said to be packed with hints about the glasses and their interaction capabilities with the iPhone.


Gurman takes this as a signal that Apple Glasses will be launched during the lifetime of iOS 16 - that is, between June 2022 and fall 2023, when iOS 17 is likely to be rolled out. For years, developers have repeatedly found hints of an Apple AR device in the codes and documentation of iOS.

Gurman thinks it's possible that Apple itself is previewing upcoming VR and AR features, possibly showing a sneak peek of the "Reality Operating System" (rOS), Apple's new 3D operating system for VR and AR devices.