DigiGods wants to unleash your creativity with its VR Sandbox

DigiGods wants to unleash your creativity with its VR Sandbox

DigiGods (formerly "Anarchitects") is a VR sandbox that lets you create, play, and share mini-games without programming skills.

The platform aims to combine the creative possibilities of Roblox with the intuitive drag-and-drop system of Garry's Mod and supports physics-based multiplayer environments. First screenshots show that the title will have a mixed reality mode.

"Whether creating intricate puzzles, a 0 gravity team shooter, or board games, the possibilities within DigiGods are limitless. Create, play, and share mini-games in VR with little to no loading times", writes Squido Studio.

The Canadian studio is keeping details under wraps. It is not known when DigiGods will be released or for which platforms. A full reveal will take place at GDC on March 15.

No More Rainbows is a giant success

The studio also announced a milestone: No More Rainbows, the studio's VR platformer, which was released last summer, has surpassed 500,000 players.


In No More Rainbows, you take on the role of a demon on a mission to reclaim his underworld from cheerful rainbow creatures. You do this by using your hands and arms as you make your way through 5 worlds and more than 30 levels. In addition to the single player campaign, there are two multiplayer modes.

No More Rainbows is available on the Quest Store, Pico Store and on Steam, and will be released for Playstation VR 2 in Q2.

The studio also announced that it has raised $2.5 million for future VR projects.