Amazon Prime sci-fi series "The Peripheral": When the metaverse becomes too real

Amazon Prime sci-fi series

In the new sci-fi series "The Peripheral," Chloë Grace Moretz uses a mysterious headset that takes her into a lifelike virtual reality.

Amazon's new sci-fi series "The Peripheral" is full of virtual reality, humanoid robots, dystopian visions of the future, and cracking action. The screen adaptation of the iconic novel takes you to a not-too-distant future where full-dive VR is the new normal.

The Peripheral: When the Metaverse Becomes Too Real

Flynne Fisher (Chloë Grace Moretz) is an ordinary young woman from a small town who works at a 3D printing company and cares for her sick and blind mother. Her brother Burton (Jack Reynor), a former Marine, passes the time with beer and drone games with his buddies.

Flynne has a soft spot for VR games and is exceptionally good at them. She and her brother take jobs slipping into VR headsets and playing online games for rich people.

One day, Flynne takes a job in an experimental simulation that sends her to a hyper-realistic virtual London set seventy years in the future. To do this, she must wear a mysterious headset. By the time she realizes something is wrong, it's too late.

She realizes that she is seeing things through the headset that she would have been better off not seeing. When Flynne returns to reality, she finds that her family has a bounty on their heads for getting involved with the mysterious VR game.


Book adaptation by sci-fi star author

The Peripheral is based on a 2014 novel of the same name by sci-fi author William Gibson. Gibson became world-famous in the eighties with his Neuromancer trilogy and is considered one of the creators of the cyberpunk genre.

The creators of the sci-fi hit Westworld, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, are responsible for the series adaptation. Scott B. Smith ("A Simple Plan") wrote the scripts for the first three episodes. The film is directed by Vincenzo Natali, who has already shot genre representatives such as "Cube" and "Splice".

The Peripheral launches this Friday, October 21, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video with two episodes. The rest will play out weekly. If you missed the first trailer, catch our initial thoughts on it here.