Altair Breaker: VR sword fighting for up to four warriors

Altair Breaker: VR sword fighting for up to four warriors

The studio behind Swords of Gargantua is working on a cooperative VR game for up to four swordsmen.

The massive Swords of Gargantua required numerous tactics. With the VR game Altair Breaker, the developer studio Thirdverse chooses a more accessible approach: In the abandoned world of Altair, actions like climbing or gliding through the air are supposed to be very beginner-friendly and fun.

Fans of the MMO Zenith or the VR shooter Population: One already know the feeling of freedom that a well-implemented glide brings because it speeds up virtual locomotion with little risk of motion sickness.

More accessible gameplay

The combat system of Altair Breaker sounds very action-heavy. Enemy attacks don't have to be parried quite as meticulously and physically correct this time as in Swords of Gargantua. Blocking and parrying against a boss and his minions requires less precision, and the overall combat system is simpler and faster. Moreover, finishers and ranged weapons make for more dynamic battles.

Altair Breaker will be released for Quest and PC VR

Unlike the straightforward arenas of Swords of Gargantua, players will likely explore a slightly larger world: "Make the entire map your battlefield," the Japanese developers said.

The new focus fits the VR game's cooperative concept. Up to four players will move together across the floating island left behind by an ancient civilization. Cross-play support between PC VR headsets and Meta Quest 2 should ensure that there are enough fellow players available for the launch in summer 2022. A guild system is also planned.


The story revolves around a doomed but advanced society that has created battle-hungry, AI-controlled NPCs. The rather large enemies have stood the test of time and look like a mix of knights and cyber warriors with gigantic swords. The adventurers' task is to eliminate the threat posed by these war machines.

Developer studio receives investment for larger VR games

From October 2020 to August 2021, Thirdverse secured $20 million in two investment rounds. The new funds will be used to support the development of larger VR game worlds. The studio, which employs around 60 people, is still working on another multiplayer game.


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