AI smart glasses with Chat GPT-4o, Claude 3, Stable Diffusion and more now available worldwide

AI smart glasses with Chat GPT-4o, Claude 3, Stable Diffusion and more now available worldwide

The open source AI smart glasses Frame are now available worldwide. Brilliant Labs is also launching an interesting program for developers.


Brilliant Labs announces the global launch of its open-source AI smart glasses and launches a "Developer Partner Program" to promote the development of an open ecosystem for AI applications. "Frame" is available now through June at a pre-order price of $349. Color options include Smokey Black, Cool Grey and H20.

The developer program provides extensive resources and updates for Frame. These include full documentation, open-source source code, and hardware schematics (see links below). Brilliant Labs hosts office hours twice a month and is planning a hackathon next month to encourage the development of a developer ecosystem around Frame.

New LLMs and features for Frame

Frame now supports additional Large Language Models (LLMs), including Anthropic's Claude 3, Llama 3, and Stable Diffusion. This enables developers to build creative applications based on Frame's AI assistant Noa, which already integrates Perplexity, Whisper and GPT-4o.

For the first time, Brilliant Labs is also introducing interactive features that enable proactive AI-driven communication from Noa and simulate a conversation with the AI. These include two-way conversations in which Noa responds to users, as well as a "wild card mode" in which Noa provides interesting historical facts, news, or location-based recommendations.



Meet the John Lennon-style AI smart glasses

Frame are ultra-light 39-gram monocular display smartglasses in the style of John Lennon's glasses, based on the open-source "Monocle" AR glasses previously developed by Brilliant Labs. It has a built-in camera, a bright 640 × 400 pixel display with 1,800 nits, and a microphone and speaker.

Frame's special feature is its built-in multimodal AI assistant, Noa, which can analyze speech and images, translate in real time, and answer questions. Frame is designed to bring the use of AI, such as Perplexity AI, from the laptop into everyday life by allowing users to scan products and get price comparisons or see the calorie content of food.

Sources: Frame by Brilliant Labs Documentation Open Source Codebase on GitHub Hardware schematics