This Caddie talks to you in VR like a real person, thanks to AI

This Caddie talks to you in VR like a real person, thanks to AI

AI caddie Arthur talks to you naturally using a ChatGPT-like language model - and creates training courses along the way.

AI programs are conquering the world right now. They generate code, write text, and create images at the touch of a button. Artificial intelligence is also making its way into virtual reality. It will soon appear as Caddie Arthur in the VR golf game Golf+.

Arthur, who calls himself the "most charming caddie in town," is based on a so-called Large Language Model (LLM), similar to ChatGPT and Google Bard.

LLM for a VR caddie

Simply put, LLMs access a large database of text and learn how to process and generate speech. This allows them to answer questions and have conversations with users.

Their operating principle is based on the use of artificial intelligence, in particular deep learning methods. They are trained over time with human-written text to recognize patterns in language and learn from them.

They analyze queries and then try to generate an appropriate response. To do this, they search their text database for information relevant to the query using a variety of parameters. The answer is based on this information and trained patterns.

What AI Caddie Arthur can do

For example, Arthur can remember the player's name and use it in conversations. He can also automatically create putting challenges and practices that require only information such as putting distance and terrain.

Ryan Engle, head of the studio behind Golf+, shared a video demonstrating Arthur's capabilities, both in terms of conversation and world-building prompts.


Video: Golf+

Currently, Arthur needs a few seconds each time before responding, as the AI response takes a bit of time. These delays have been reduced for the video. Arthur is also not yet able to create complete courses. However, the developers are already working on shorter response times and more extensive world-building is possible.

It is not yet known when players will be able to talk to Arthur for the first time.

AI and VR could completely change the way we play

GOLF+ uses Arthur to illustrate how such AI systems could be used in VR in the future. They will not only enhance the interaction with NPCs, but also the gameplay itself. It also opens up completely new ways of storytelling.

Role-playing games, for example, would only need a basic framework with plot milestones, while the story experienced would write itself as you play. Each playthrough would also be different. Combined with the immersion offered by VR headsets, this could completely change the way we experience games.

Golf+ is available for Quest,  Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

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