Affordable 3D development: XR headset maker Zappar announces WebXR support

Affordable 3D development: XR headset maker Zappar announces WebXR support

Zappar lowers the entry barriers for developing immersive web content with WebXR support.


Zappar announced that its no-code and low-code 3D tools Zapworks and the smartphone-powered XR headset Zapbox now fully support WebXR. The company aims to lower the barrier to entry for creating immersive web content. Developers of all skill levels will have an accessible one-stop solution for creating and distributing AR, VR and mixed reality experiences on any device.

Zappar offers two options for a monthly price of 12.99 dollars:

  • Designer: Zappar's no-code 3D web tool for AR, MR and WebXR with drag-and-drop interface, animation and particle system. It allows anyone to create immersive 3D content and publish it to headsets like the Meta Quest without writing code.
  • Mattercraft: Zappar's full-featured 3D web tool lets developers leverage their existing expertise and tools, including integration with the NPM repository for JavaScript libraries. It offers a rich 3D development environment with real-time physics, particle effects and animation system.

Zapbox: Affordable mixed reality headset

Zappar sees the web browser as the home of the next generation of consumer experiences. The company is already working with major brands and agencies such as Nestle, Mondelez, Pfizer and DEPT to create immersive training scenarios, brand campaigns and other experiences.

With the Zapbox XR headset for just $80, Zappar is also addressing the high cost of headset development. Zapbox uses the iPhone's screen and camera for visuals and an Apple A-Chip for processing. This gives developers a more seamless and affordable way to publish headset content to the web without having to build or submit native apps.


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