Win 4 VR games for PC-VR in the MIXED advent calendar - door 20

Win 4 VR games for PC-VR in the MIXED advent calendar - door 20


  • Michele V.


In the MIXED Advent Calendar you can win another great bundle of PC VR games. Behind door number 20 are zombies, ghosts, puzzles, and snow.

You can win VR games or hardware every day in our MIXED Advent calendar. Behind today's door is a game bundle consisting of the zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine 2, VR adventure game The 7th Guest, Sci-fi escape room AVO Escape Space and the winter sports game Powder VR. You can redeem all titles on SteamVR.

We would like to thank Plaion / Vertigo Games, Game Cooks and RainSoft.

Win a PC VR bundle with four VR games

Behind door number 20 is a bundle with the following four VR games for SteamVR:

  • 1x Arizona Sunshine 2
  • 1x The 7th Guest
  • 1x PowderVR
  • 1x AVO Escape Space.

Terms and Conditions

Entry deadline: From publication until 11.59 pm on the same day (Central European Time, CET).
Participation: Via the little door in the Advent calendar.
Drawing of winners: Within 7 days after the end of the competition day.
Notification of winners: By e-mail.
Shipping: Keys by e-mail, physical items by mail (address in USA, United Kingdom or Europe required. People from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are invited to participate in the parallel advent calendar on mixed.de).

Note: If the winner does not respond within 7 days of notification, the prize will be forfeited and we will redraw the prize.

The email address or postal address will only be used for the purpose of participation and for sending the prize. Any other use is excluded. All addresses will be deleted after the draw. Our privacy policy applies. Legal recourse is excluded. Physical items can only be sent to addresses within the USA, United Kingdom, or Europe.

In general, we cannot replace keys or items that do not work or cannot be redeemed, as we are only provided with a limited number of keys or items. See also the Terms and Conditions on the Advent Calendar site.

What to expect in Arizona Sunshine 2


  • Title: Arizona Sunshine 2
  • Genre: Zombie shooter
  • Modes: Single-player and co-op campaign
  • Developer: Vertigo Games
  • Publisher: Vertigo Games
  • Available on: PSVR 2, Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro, Quest 3, SteamVR, Pico 4
  • Price: $50

Arizona Sunshine 2, the sequel to the hit zombie survival shooter from developer Vertigo Games, is significantly more expansive than its predecessor. Released for PC VR, Playstation VR 2, Meta Quest and Pico 4, the game features a campaign with an estimated playtime of eight to twelve hours that you can play alone or in co-op with friends. There is also a horde mode for up to four players, including cross-play functionality.

The game features cinematic elements, large zombie hordes and multiple interactions. You take on the role of a nameless protagonist and his dog Buddy as they roam a post-apocalyptic world. You have an arsenal of over 40 weapons at your disposal, including melee weapons and explosives.


What awaits you in The 7th Guest


  • Title: The 7th Guest VR
  • Genre: Mystery adventure
  • Modes: Singleplayer
  • Developer: Vertigo Games
  • Publisher: Vertigo Games
  • Available on: Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro, Quest 3, Playstation VR 2, SteamVR
  • Price: $30

The 7th Guest VR is an atmospheric VR remake of the 90s classic for fans of adventure and mystery games. You will experience an exciting ghost story with challenging puzzles, presented in atmospheric graphics and soundtrack.

You have to solve a variety of puzzles in different rooms of a mansion, similar to escape rooms. The game features high-quality production values, including the use of real actors recorded with volumetric cameras.

Although The 7th Guest VR contains scary elements, it is free of extreme violence or shock scenes, making it suitable for less hardened players. With its strong storyline, the game is more reminiscent of a ghost story than a horror movie.

What awaits you in AVO Escape Space


  • Title: AVO Escape Space
  • Genre: VR Puzzle-Adventure
  • Modes: Singleplayer
  • Developer: Game Cooks
  • Publisher: Game Cooks Game Cooks
  • Available on: Meta Quest, SteamVR
  • Price: $8 (Meta Quest Store / Steam)

AVO Escape Space is a sci-fi VR puzzle adventure from independent Lebanese studio Game Cooks. Players take on the role of PatientZ, the last survivor of a spaceship caught in a meteor storm. You must rely on the help of the AI AVO to solve challenging puzzles and escape impending doom.

What awaits you in Powder VR


  • Title: Powder VR
  • Genre: Sports game
  • Modes: Singleplayer
  • Developer: RainSoft
  • Publisher: RainSoft
  • Available on: SteamVR
  • Price: $17 (Steam)

Powder VR by Terje Haakonsen is a VR winter sports game featuring skiing, snowboarding and wingsuit flying on various terrains such as cliffs, glaciers, and forests. It includes different game modes such as downhill races and freestyle tricks.

To enhance the gaming experience, customizable settings are available to eliminate any motion sickness that may occur, as well as the choice between arcade and simulation modes for a personalized experience. As the game is still in beta, there is a comprehensive guide explaining the controls and advanced techniques.