Win 3 VR games for Meta Quest in the MIXED advent calendar - door 19

Win 3 VR games for Meta Quest in the MIXED advent calendar - door 19


  • Philip D.


Today you can win a bundle of three VR games for Meta Quest in the MIXED Advent calendar: Sports, adventure and time loop puzzles await you behind door 19.

Today there is another bundle of three VR games in the MIXED Advent calendar: the VR puzzle shooter We Are One, Tennis Esports and CookieRun: The Darkest Night, each for Quest 2, Quest Pro and Quest 3.

We would like to thank Fast Travel Games, StudioFreshDoh! and VR Motion Learning.

3 VR games for Meta Quest behind door number 19

Behind door number 19 is a bundle of three VR games for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro:

  • 1x We Are One
  • 1x Tennis Esports
  • 1x CookieRun: The Darkest Night

Terms and Conditions

Entry deadline: From publication until 11.59 pm on the same day (Central European Time, CET).
Participation: Via the little door in the Advent calendar.
Drawing of winners: Within 7 days after the end of the competition day.
Notification of winners: By e-mail.
Shipping: Keys by e-mail, physical items by mail (address in USA, United Kingdom or Europe required. People from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are invited to participate in the parallel advent calendar on mixed.de).

Note: If the winner does not respond within 7 days of notification, the prize will be forfeited and we will redraw the prize.

The email address or postal address will only be used for the purpose of participation and for sending the prize. Any other use is excluded. All addresses will be deleted after the draw. Our privacy policy applies. Legal recourse is excluded. Physical items can only be sent to addresses within the USA, United Kingdom, or Europe.

In general, we cannot replace keys or items that do not work or cannot be redeemed, as we are only provided with a limited number of keys or items. See also the Terms and Conditions on the Advent Calendar site.

What to expect in Tennis Esports


The Austrian company VR Motion Learning has developed Tennis Esports, a virtual reality experience that offers an authentic tennis simulation and at the same time aims to establish a new area in eSports. You can play with VR controllers as well as with special VR tennis rackets. This optimizes the gaming experience and increases the level of realism.

VR tennis players can improve their technique in the VR environment, participate in live online matches and try to climb the Tennis Esports Tour rankings. The game is suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.


It is possible to create individual player profiles, design avatars and unlock various rewards. There is also an active Tennis Esports community on Discord where you can network, find opponents for matches, and participate in tournaments.

What to expect in CookieRun: The Darkest Night — Chapter 1


In the latest VR adventure from developer studio FreshDoh!, you take on the role of Brave Cookie, who must escape from a witch's sinister castle. During his escape, Brave Cookie joins forces with various characters and confronts evil in the form of the "Dark Cookie Lord" and his troops, as well as a variety of magical creatures and monsters.

The game takes you to 11 different themed areas where you can master various mini-games. It offers exciting VR experiences, including controlling the unique "Franken-Cookie" and skillfully dodging cats, which adds to the fun of the game.

What to expect in We Are One


  • Title: We Are One
  • Genre: VR puzzle shooter
  • Modes: Singleplayer
  • Developer: Flat Head Studio
  • Publisher: Fast Travel Games
  • Available on: Meta Quest, SteamVR
  • Price: 19,99 €(Meta Quest Store / Steam)

We Are One is an innovative VR puzzle shooter that combines clever planning with thrilling action. In this game, you create clones of yourself that work in multiple time loops to solve complex puzzles.

The game consists of over 50 varied levels in which you will face off against dangerous robots that pose a threat to the planet. With its unique comic-style art and watercolor-inspired palette, both the machines and the natural aspects of the virtual world come to life.

Suitable for beginners and experienced VR users, you move around solely through teleportation. We Are One also features an online leaderboard to compete with players around the world. A recently added feature is the level editor, where you can create your own challenges using game mechanics such as recording and cloning.

You can choose enemy types, level themes, and course lengths, and share your creations with the community. A Quest 3 update has also been released, bringing improved graphics, anti-aliasing and optimized terrain textures to the game.