6 cool XR experiments with the Quest 3

6 cool XR experiments with the Quest 3

With the Quest 3's mixed reality capabilities and color passthrough, you can do a lot more than just carry around virtual screens.

The Quest 3 has been in our hands since October 10, 2023. While many people are trying out new XR games, learning instruments, or watching videos while doing housework in Passthrough mode, there are some who are testing the limits of the new hardware.

A truly haunted house: MR horror game Hauntify on the Quest 3

The Mixed Reality horror game Hauntify has been available for Quest 2 for some time now, but with the Quest 3 version of Hauntify you can now create perhaps the biggest MR horror game to date. Reddit user SuperScopeXP has mapped five floors of an apartment building as an MR playground.

Video: u/SuperScopeXP

If you want to try out Hauntify for yourself, you can buy the horror game for five dollars in the Meta Quest Store (App Lab). You can find a set-up guide in this YouTube video. But think about your neighbors before you turn your whole house into a horror playground.

Mixed reality and furniture tracking turns room into comic disco

Reddit user tomasay3's Mixed Reality demo not only shows the furniture tracking capabilities of Quest 3, but also lets us look through a vinyl record into a comic world with dancing characters. The special thing about this is that the record and the comic objects interact with the furniture in the room.

Video: u/tomasay3

The demo was created in Unity. Selective Passthrough was used to see the comic world through the record. The comic objects are rendered on a separate layer so that they can only be seen through a filter in the record.

Virtual Graffiti

Passthrough, the ability to perceive and interact with the real world through a VR headset, is one of the Quest 3's key features. In the video below, Reddit user JoeQwertyQwerty first skates through a tunnel while wearing the Quest 3, then adds some graffiti to the already completely vandalized walls — but this time only virtually.

Video: u/JowQwertyQwerty

An exciting idea for anyone who wants to be creative without damaging real objects. However, the Quest 3's pass-through quality suffers in low light. Metas CTO Andrew Bosworth says that software updates will improve this.


A slightly larger approach to digital content in real urban environments can be found in the Cities XR Vision from Japanese studio Psychiv VR Lab.

Interactive toys in Mixed Reality

Using virtual toys at home? No big deal with Quest 3. Reddit user tonydle shows off a toy biplane flying around his room in XR.

Video: u/tonydle

Mixed Reality Pool with Meta Quest 3

Who wants their own pool table? With the space requirements and high costs, you might think twice about buying one. MiRacle Pool offers an alternative for the Meta Quest 3.

Video: u/Dafl1p14

MiRacle Pool also requires an area of at least 3 × 4 meters, but can be played for free with up to four players or against AI on Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

NES classic Super Mario Bros. in XR on the Meta Quest 3

Especially children of the nineties should get a real nostalgia flash with the next game. Using the 3dSen VR emulator, you can play Super Mario Bros. and other NES classics from a 2D perspective in mixed reality.

Video: u/tructv

Read the linked article to find out how you can play Super Mario 64 in XR.

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