You can now play Palworld in virtual reality and this is what it looks like

You can now play Palworld in virtual reality and this is what it looks like

Palworld is currently a huge hit on Steam and Xbox. Thanks to Praydog's universal VR mod, you can now enjoy it in Virtual Reality.


Palworld has become one of the most popular games on Steam within a few days of its Early Access release on January 19, 2024. As the game is developed in Unreal Engine, you can play it in Virtual Reality. This is made possible by the universal VR mod UEVR by Praydog.

The VR mod allows you to play Palworld either in the usual third-person view or in a first-person VR perspective. You can control the game with normal game controllers like the DualSense from Sony or the Xbox controller or map the buttons to your VR controller.

The YouTube channel Paradise Decay shows gameplay of Palworld in VR in the following video. The game is streamed from a PC via Virtual Desktop to a Meta Quest 3.


UEVR mod brings Steam hit to virtual reality

Palworld is off to a phenomenal start on Steam and has already sold over five million copies. The nearly 44,000 reviews are currently very positive. At first glance, Palworld looks like Pokémon with guns, but it mixes elements of open-world RPGs with survival, crafting, and base building. This mix, along with the cuddly look of the monsters, seems to have struck a chord with many players.

The open source framework UEVR, developed by Praydog, was released in beta earlier this year. It allows almost any PC game based on Unreal Engine 4 or 5 to be played with a VR headset.


UEVR is a pure injector that does not contain any specific code, profiles, or customizations for individual games. Features of the mod include full 6-DoF support, stereoscopic 3D, front-end GUI for customization, and optional 3-DoF support for motion control in many games.

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