You can now learn nude painting in VR with Meta Quest 2

You can now learn nude painting in VR with Meta Quest 2

Gesture VR teaches you how to draw bodies on Quest 2 and Quest Pro. More than 100 people modeled for it.

The drawing app Gesture VR for Meta Quest 2 was designed by VR artist Nick Ladd and sends you into a virtual drawing studio. There you can learn nude painting and improve your drawing skills in a virtual reality environment.

VR drawing app features more than 100 poses of real-life models

Gesture VR focuses on figure drawing. You can choose from over 130 poses in a virtual drawing studio. These are supplied by more than a dozen professional models digitized via photogrammetry scan. You can freely adjust the lighting, rotation and duration of the poses.

The models represent different age groups and body types. In addition to 3D scans of real people, you'll also have a skeleton, a horse, and various anatomy guides at your disposal. You can draw in three different environments: a traditional art studio and a white or black void.

Gesture VR lets you paint in 2D and 3D

For your virtual artwork, you can decide between a 2D digital paper pad or a virtual room where you can paint in three dimensions. The lines can be drawn thicker, thinner, lighter, or darker depending on how hard you press the controller against the virtual canvas.

Meta Quest Pro is supported, but the Pro controllers apparently not yet. They offer a special stylus attachment that is well suited for such applications. Perhaps Ladd will update in the future.


The drawings are stored in a sketchbook. Every time you open Gesture VR, the app creates a new page in your book. This allows you to revisit your early works later and check your progress.

Virtual drawing class for up to four artists

The creative app is aimed at beginners and professionals alike. If you like to draw in company, you can invite up to three friends to your studio. In this way, Gesture VR aims to convey the feeling of a real drawing class. In the group, you can either work together on the same model or each person can choose their own favorite pose.

VR artists can also activate the pass-through mode of the Quest 2 or Quest Pro during a session. This allows you to see the virtual model and draw on a real physical block. Gesture VR is available now for around $14 in the Meta Quest Store. A version for SteamVR will follow shortly.

If you are more interested in oil painting, the VR painting app Vermillion is also worth a look. The app introduces you to VR painting step by step and offers a wide range of virtual tools.

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