XR's AWE 2024 conference introduces live artificial intelligence translation in over 75 languages

XR's AWE 2024 conference introduces live artificial intelligence translation in over 75 languages

AWE USA 2024 uses XRAI's AI subtitles on all stages for live translation into over 75 languages.


Augmented World Expo (AWE) is partnering with XRAI to add captioning and transcription to all stages of the 15th anniversary AWE USA 2024 event to improve accessibility. The AR and VR technology conference aims to make all of its conference content accessible to everyone for the first time.

The XRAI platform will provide AI-powered captioning in more than 75 languages for all nine conference stages. Attendees will be able to use the XRAI Glass app on their smartphones (iOS and Android) or compatible smart glasses to read an AI-transcribed broadcast from the stage in real time and have it translated into over 75 languages. Online viewers of the main stage sessions will be able to access these AI transcriptions and translations through the conference's YouTube channel.

In addition, a pilot group of deaf attendees will have the opportunity to access conference content through XR headsets and experience dynamic captioning in mixed reality. This offering will be available in both the XRAI and Qualcomm exhibition areas.


XR Hall of Fame and Anniversary Museum

AWE USA 2024 will take place June 18 to 20 in Long Beach, California, celebrating the event's 15th anniversary. It is the world's leading AR and VR conference and expo, with events in the US, Asia, and Europe. AWE events always bring together a mix of CEOs, CTOs, designers, developers, creative agencies, futurists, analysts, investors, and press.

This year, AWE will introduce the XR Hall of Fame, honoring industry leaders such as John Carmack, Palmer Luckey, Valve CEO Gabe Newell, sci-fi author Neal Stephenson, and Epic CEO Tim Sweeney. There will also be an XR History Museum featuring more than 80 vintage AR and VR devices from the past 50 years. These include the Virtuality Viset 1 from 1992, one of the first commercial VR headsets, Ivan Sutherland's first head-mounted display from 1968, and Morton Heilig's Sensorama.


The three-day AR-VR conference is packed with sessions from over 500 top speakers in 15 tracks covering technologies and applications across many industries. In the exhibit hall, more than 350 exhibitors will provide hands-on experience with the latest spatial computing technologies. Pre-conference workshops, community gatherings, and networking opportunities provide attendees with multiple ways to connect, learn, and grow their XR business at AWE USA.

Sources: AWE XRAI Glass