Xreal has sold 350,000 display glasses

Xreal has sold 350,000 display glasses

Xreal is successful in the display glasses niche: the company has sold 350,000 units to date.


Xreal announces that it has sold 350,000 display glasses to date.

“Today we celebrate a major milestone on our journey to bring AR wearable displays to everyone around the world, revolutionizing how people experience everything from video games to movies and TV, in-car entertainment and displays, and how they work at their desks or on the go,” said Chi Xu, founder, and CEO at Xreal.


Xreal (formerly: Nreal) specializes in wearables that look like sunglasses and project a large screen in front of you.

Xreal has launched the following products to date:

  • 2019: Nreal Light
  • 2022: Xreal Air
  • 2023: Xreal Air 2 and Xreal Air 2 Pro

The current models can be connected to game consoles, handhelds, smartphones, PCs and Macs; in some cases and for optimal results, the separately available Xreal Beam accessory is required. The resolution is FullHD and the field of view is 46 degrees.


Xreal Air 2 and Xreal Air 2 Pro are available in the United States, Europe and Asia, and will come to other countries in 2024. The difference between Xreal Air 2 and Xreal Air 2 Pro is that the latter has a built-in light dimmer.

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Xreal will be announcing new hardware at CES 2024, which takes place from January 9-12.


Smart glasses, whether with or without a display, are still a niche market. The fact that Xreal was able to sell 350,000 units is a remarkable achievement in this nascent market, even if the category is far from mainstream.