World of Mechs: 4 against 4 in virtual reality

World of Mechs: 4 against 4 in virtual reality

On Quest 2, mech games make a comeback: World of Mechs delivers tons of battle machines, online battles and a campaign.

Two months after the release of the massive Vox Machinae, another VR mech game is waiting in the wings for Meta Quest 2: World of Mechs from Studio 369 puts you in the cockpit of combat robots that weigh around ten tons each. Besides online multiplayer on five maps, there is also a campaign with 20 missions and boss fights.

First scenes from the online battles evoke pleasant memories of the very first Xbox Live game MechAssault from 2002. Similar to 20 years ago, two teams of four trudge through skyscraper canyons to shoot each other with bullets, rockets and lasers.

Massive battles in World of Mechs

It is still unclear whether the entire environment is burned here with the same effect as in the Xbox classic. The running speed is at least similar. You should probably be a bit faster than in the more realistic MechWarrior or the Xbox simulation Steel Battalion.

The eight selectable classes also determine your movement: The Recon Scout dashes swiftly past enemies, the Support Trooper provides barrage fire and the Brawler attacks in close combat with firearms. A total of 32 mechs offer special abilities like land mines, radar destroyers or active camouflage to become almost invisible for a short time. More weapons and upgrades are unlocked in the campaign.

The controls appear to focus more on action than in Vox Machinae, which is controlled more indirectly via large levers that you flip with the motion controllers. In World of Mechs, on the other hand, you aim directly via head movement and control the mech with an analog stick. The player can turn off the camera's sway and close the side windows. The latter acts like a vignette: You see less of the surroundings, but it can prevent motion sickness for those with sensitive stomachs.


Exclusive mech action for Meta Quest 2

The development team consists of former developers of MechWarrior 2, Fortnite and Gears of War 3 - so there is more than enough action expertise available. There is no release date yet, but World of Mechs is supposed to be released "soon". The online modes Team Deathmatch, Domination, Assault and VIP will be available at launch.

According to UploadVR, the Quest 2 game was funded by Meta as part of the Grant Program. So far, no versions for other VR headsets have been announced.

Studio 369 has another game with mechs in the works, Metalcore: The online multiplayer game (MMO) revolves around tactical real-time battles in an alien world and is supposed to use NFT technology. VR support is not planned here.

Incidentally: The World of Tanks studio Wargaming has nothing to do with World of Mechs, despite the similarity in name.

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