Walkabout Mini Golf VR brings fantastic Jules Verne worlds to virtual reality

Walkabout Mini Golf VR brings fantastic Jules Verne worlds to virtual reality

The VR multiplayer hit Walkabout Mini Golf VR adapts three of the greatest science fiction classics and brings the extraordinary journeys of Jules Verne to virtual reality.

The developer studio Mighty Coconut continuously provides VR mini golf fans with new content. There are now five paid add-ons for the VR game Walkabout Mini Golf VR, which take you to mystical places like El Dorado, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or Shangri-La, among others. The next expansion is already in the starting blocks and will take you to the world of science fiction pioneer Jules Verne.

Walkabout Mini Golf VR: Top scores on Meta Quest 2

Walkabout Mini Golf VR has long been a real insider tip for VR headsets. In the meantime, the imaginatively designed VR game is one of the most popular multiplayer games in virtual reality. Especially on Meta Quest 2, the mini golf simulator stands out with almost 8,000 reviews, 93 percent of which are top ratings.

One of the reasons why gamers can't put down their VR headset might be the developer studio's commitment. The last big DLC around the 80s cult movie Labyrinth was only released at the end of July, and now Mighty Coconut already announces details about the next update.

An extraordinary journey to the VR mini-golf course

The three-part DLC "Walkabout Mini Golf: Jules Verne" is set in Verne's "Voyages extraordinaires" series. This includes the novels "Journey to the Center of the Earth" "Around the World in Eighty Days" and "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea". The latter marks the first DLC part, which will be released at the end of September for about $3.

"As lifelong fans of Jules Verne as well as the spirit of adventure and sense of place his writing evokes, we’re excited to interpret these epic novels into totally new experiences for our global player community," said Mighty Coconut CEO Lucas Martell. There are no images or details on the content yet, but they should follow in the coming weeks.

Even more content planned for this year

Parts two and three of the Jules Verne package are scheduled for release in 2023, according to Mighty Coconut. VR mini-golfers can look forward to more content this year, though. For the fourth quarter, Mighty Coconut announced the DLC "Walkabout Mini Golf VR: Myst".


The add-on, based on the classic 1993 game of the same name, is being developed in cooperation with Myst creator Cyan Inc. As usual with all previous expansions, there will once again be a course with two 18-hole courses as well as a scavenger hunt that rewards you with a commemorative putter.

By the way, Myst is also available in a VR version, which, after the latest update, makes our author's childhood dream from 1993 come true.

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