VR in Finance: Customer intimacy despite digitalization

VR in Finance: Customer intimacy despite digitalization

The world of finance is becoming increasingly digital. But VR still keeps us close to our customers, as these examples show.

Customers are increasingly doing their banking online. A few clicks on a smartphone or computer are all it takes to make a transfer or find out about a financial service. There is no need to go to a branch.

This convenience comes at a price: digital banking is impersonal. There is a distance between customers and bankers that is difficult to overcome.

How can the personal touch be improved?

Use cases for VR in finance

Creditplus shows the way. With VRdirect, the bank has recreated a branch in virtual reality. Visitors are greeted by staff and taken on a 360-degree tour of the bank's premises. The bank management then explains the services, products, and philosophy of Creditplus.

German bank Sparkasse Hagen-Herdecke has also taken a step into the future and added VR to its marketing. The extensive consulting area for digital products and services at the bank's headquarters can be visited in VR - easily from anywhere, via smartphone, tablet, or VR headset.

Banking in virtual reality gives the feeling of a personal encounter. VR also allows people who shy away from social interaction or have limited mobility to visit a branch. In any case, it's a good preparation for the physical visit: They already know the branch and some employees.


The potential uses of VR in finance go even further. Insurance agents can use VR demos to show different sources of risk in a virtual house when advising on liability or home insurance, for example.

At an appointment for a building society contract or a mortgage, it is also possible to view the future dream property in advance - the resulting emotional effect is more effective than simply showing photos or videos.

VRdirect brings the Financial Sector into VR

The VR professionals at VRdirect help companies with strategy and technology on their way into the metaverse. In recent years, we have completed many projects with banks, financial service providers and other companies.

The use of VR in companies offers many advantages and application possibilities. For more information, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.