Back to the Zone: Into the Radius 2 is now available on Steam

Back to the Zone: Into the Radius 2 is now available on Steam

July 24, 2024:

Into the Radius 2 has been released in Early Access on Steam. A new trailer (see below) shows what fans can expect.

The price is $39.99.

As with its predecessor, CM Games is planning frequent updates based on fan feedback until the full release in 2025.

The Early Access version includes the following features:

  • 1 main location with its unique theme, and 1 additional smaller location + new UNPSC Explorer facility.
  • 7 top priority missions, several secondary missions, and a few security levels to unlock.
  • 14 weapons, with multiple variants for some. 2 types of ammunition – standard and tracer.
  • Several backpack options and 6 types of chest rigs to choose from.
  • A variety of anomalies, artifact nests and entities to explore and combat.
  • Single-player and 2-player co-op (currently in beta, with plans to expand to four players in future updates).

A realistic arsenal of weapons, detailed attachments, and a sophisticated loot system — Into the Radius 2 aims to retain and expand upon the best elements of its predecessor.


Continuing the tradition of its predecessor, CM Games once again invites you to follow the development process all the way to the final version. "Into the Radius 2" will launch in Early Access on Steam on July 24th. The development team is asking for feedback on this and future updates. The price for the pre-release version is $39.99 and will not change when the full version is released.


Four-player co-op announced

Into the Radius 2 is an immersive VR survival shooter set in the surreal and dangerous Pechorsk Safe Zone. Players can arm themselves with realistic weapons and explore the secrets of the zone with friends.

The sequel retains popular elements from its predecessor, Into the Radius, including detailed weapons and attachments, a sophisticated loot management system, and the ability to explore dangerous locations full of anomalies and menacing enemies.

A major new feature is the option for two-player co-op, currently in beta. This will be expanded to up to four players in future updates.



CM Games: From indie studio to established developer

Founded in 2010 in Tallinn, Estonia, CM Games has grown from a small team to a modern game and service developer with over 90 employees worldwide.

The company has developed and published VR, mobile, and PC games that have been used by at least 500 million players. In an interview with MIXED, CM Games VR Ambassador Sergei Kharchenko explains how Into The Radius became one of the most successful VR games of recent years.

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